Sarah Pearce

Nominated for Nursing Role Model Award 2021

Works at Royal Devon & Exeter NHS Foundation Trust


Sarah is a force of nature! When she is in PAU you know that everything is going to be sorted out and that every child and young person will get the care that they deserve. She is an incredible advocate for the patients and she thrives in the extremely busy, sometimes chaotic acute assessment unit environment. As a parent I would 100% want her looking after my child. She is always keen to learn and to teach. She goes the extra mile with patients, effectively taking a full history before we’ve even seen them! If she has the capacity to do so she will always help you and she’s always there if you’re struggling with anything. She is an absolute gem and we are very lucky to have her.

Sarah works so hard every shift on PAU. She takes an excellent overview of the ward, gets stuck in and is always happy to take bloods or cannulate. She strives to make PAU as successful and flow as well as possible and has been a great support to me. (She also provides baked goods on nights which is always a bonus!)

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