Abigail Moore

Nominated for Nursing Role Model Award 2021

Works at University Hospitals Plymouth NHS Trust


Abi really works hard at the job she adores. She is consistently trying to improve her skills and competencies to achieve the best outcomes for her patients and her work colleauges. She constantly pushes her self to learn and educate her self, but equally putting herself in situations to enhance her learning and capabilites to move forward in her career.

Not only does Abi work so hard in her own work environment, she also has helped out through other areas of the hospital, to ensure the best care is given in their settings to. She always goes with a smile even when times have been tough. She has gained so much confidence and understanding of her role as a nurse, and it really has shown through her work and ability to give the best care and advice to others.

She has worked alongside students to help them understand the skills required within the setting, the principles of a good nurse and how to work as part of a team.

Working with Abi is always fun and a joy to be around. She uplifts your shifts and encourages other staff members to fulfil their role and advocate patients.

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