Lisa Wright

Nominated for Non-Clinical Staff of the Year Award

Works at Royal Cornwall Hospitals NHS Trust

Lisa is our ward hostess on Polkerris and she’s absolutely fab. Ever since she first started with us several months ago, there’s been a noticeable difference for our patients; they always mention the lovely hostess lady!

Nothing is too much for her. If she sees staff trying to multitask clinical care with organising refreshments for the patients, she will jump in to help. It is actually a crime to try making a parent a cup of tea whilst Lisa is in her kitchen! “”I’ll do that for you”” is her motto. Since Covid, our parents’ kitchen is out of use but Lisa consistently makes sure the occupants of every bedspace are fed and watered, even on the busiest shifts. This is particularly challenging to manage with the admissions unit, when the patients are there one minute and gone the next, but Lisa is organised and reliable, and will always have something for everyone. She is very mindful of complex dietary requirements such as our eating disorder patients and has no problem discussing this with staff, and her kitchen is without exception clean and tidy at the end of every day!

On top of being stellar at her job, she’s just a lovely person also. She has a bright smile and a friendly hello for everyone, staff or patient, and this goes a long way on the difficult shifts when cheeriness seems in short supply. Thank you Lisa for everything, we hope you stay with us on Polkerris indefinitely!

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