Debbie Watts

Nominated for Non-Clinical Staff of the Year Award

Works at Torbay & South Devon NHS Foundation Trust

I cannot express enough how amazing Debbie is. She is a ward clerk on Louisa Cary ward and had to move to a non-clinical setting during COVID. During that time she carried on providing admin support, frequently going above and beyond her role. She is incredibly dedicated to paediatrics always looking for ways she can improve the service. Her support of colleagues has been nothing short of incredible, she would hand make cards for staff over the COVID period to boost spirits and is always checking personally on staff that they are ok. Thank you Debbie your efforts are appreciated more than you know.

Despite taking on a new role within the trust, Debs has returned to the ward to help when needed. She comes in early in order to do the jobs that need doing before attending her current role. She is a massive help with the SWACIC Audit always getting patient notes that are required with out being asked. I know when she has been on as the audit draw is always full and tidy!! She is keen to share her knowledge with the new starters when they arrive.

Debs continues to be one of the best and most thorough colleagues I have ever worked with. She is exceptionally organised- she knew every patient of mine that was on her spreadsheet and where their referrals were up to. She is always smiling, always remembers everyone’s name and notices when people aren’t quite alright. When I see Debs on the ward or up on SSPAU, I know that everything is going to run smoothly that day!

During the pandemic and since Debbie has been carrying out her role as adhd Coordinator, but continued to support the ward clarks on Louisa Cary ward. She has been coming to the ward extra early to sort notes for the day and make sure all is prepared for the day to run smoothly. She shows great support to the new members of the team and always makes staff smile with her thoughtful cards and kind words.

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