Children’s Assessment Unit

University Hospitals Plymouth NHS Trust

Nominated for Team of the Year 2021

Recently returned to the trust to work on CAU because not only do they have a worldlier ward manager but also an A star team. Even at the busiest times the team always sticks together and helps one another out. No question is a silly question and it is a great place to learn for junior nurses. Go CAU!!!

What an AMAZING team and one I am proud to work within! CAU has continued to face challenges head on with the current pandemic this year and have done so with dedication and great professionalism. The CAU team is one of the most experienced & knowledgeable teams I know and everyone is always willing to share their knowledge, not only with junior medical staff and preceptees but also our nursing and paramedic students.

The CAU team is a big work family and everyone looks out for each other, if someone is struggling there is always someone ready to support them, make a brew or just to be an ear. The team thrives on being the best they can be and welcomes anyone new to the team with open arms. CAU can be a crazy place to work however with the teams knowledge and experience you can be assured that what ever storm is thrown at them, they will put their huge smiles on and battle on ensuring that the best care is provided to both the patients and their families. I am very privileged to work within this incredible team!
Through the struggles of Covid, the CAU team have adapted and become very good at dealing with the high demands of patients. They are a very strong team who always have their heads held high and can always laugh and smile through the challenging and busy days.

The team on the Children’s Assessment Unit have faced many difficulties this year, they have had many changes due to COVID and being made an amber and red area. This has changed multiple times, as has the layout and the protocols. Each of them have coped with this admirably, and with little complaint. They have all supported each other so well throughout these tough times, making sure the whole multidisciplinary team is supported, and safe. They, once again, are a fantastic team to be a part of, and to witness.

CAU has been very busy over the past few months and there have been lots of challenges. The team have continue to work together to provide the best service to children and their families.

I have to say the children’s assessment unit are superb. A difficult year, never knowing if your patients are covid positive, but always caring and attentive to all.

Often challenging numbers of patients, whilst constantly being pressurised to take extras from ED, and yet unable to move patients either to the wards or discharged because of lack of quick medical decisions/staffing.
Taking on board the changing rules and regulations of covid, the placing of children, the informing of patients/parents to the cleaning of rooms have added to already stressful shifts. They are a cheerful team who go that extra mile.

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