Jemma Baker

Nominated for Paediatric Senior Doctor Hero Award 2021

Jemma is one of my favourite people to work with!! She is incredibly hard working, knowledgeable and skilled and could not be more down to earth. She communicates exceptionally well with children and their families and nothing is ever too much bother for her. She is a constant support to juniors within the team and is a fantastic role model to all professionals within paediatrics. She always maintains good humour no matter what the situation and always encompasses the values of the RCPCH within her practice. Jemma is a very popular member of the MDT and always considers opinions of her colleagues when making decisions about patients using leadership and a team working approach. Thank you Jemma for all your ongoing hard work and enthusiasm! Your the best!
Jemma is an amazing, approachable registrar. She really doesn’t know how good she is. I always look forward to a shift with her and know that I will learn as she always supports learning. Working on the SSPAU she supports junior staff in their history, assessments and decision making. She takes a friendly, holistic approach to the children and families in her care. Thank you for being great.
Quietly efficient, dedicated and a wonderful person to work with. Jemma combines humility and gentleness with keen clinical acumen. She has wonderful insight and wisdom into managing people and situations, whether it is children and their carers or her team.
She is an absolutely superb registrar, who is humble to a fault, but we can always be absolutely sure that the shift will be in safe and stable hands.
As well as her clinical commitments to her colleagues and patients, Jemma has taken up roles supporting staff wellbeing and those returning to work. She manages to juggle all of this with a busy family life as well. Generally a marvel and wonderful to work with! Keep it up Jemma.
Very supportive of junior colleagues. Quickly identified that I had found a simulation difficult and that my confidence had been knocked. Took the time out of a busy day to discuss what had worried me and to teach me and help me practice the skills I was worried about. Talked openly about her own feelings when a junior in paediatrics, which provided me with reassurance and let me know I wasn’t alone. I think this showed excellent peer support and following this I felt less upset and that my confidence had been restored. I thought this showed exemplary leadership as I feel supporting junior colleagues is an important part of being an effective leader. I hope to be able to support my colleagues as well as Jemma supported me in the future.
Jemma is such a great Registrar to have on any shift – she is so knowledgeable, caring and approachable. She will always include the juniors in her decision making and allow for teaching, even on busy shifts! It was always fun working with Jemma and she leads the team really well.
What to say! What an amazing registrar. Jemma is everything you want from a senior trainee-conscientious, excellent clinical skills, good judge of character, has attention to detail, appropriately confident in her ability but not afraid to ask for help when appropriate. Jemma is passionate about her colleagues wellbeing, and has been instrumental in trying to move forward a trust wide initiative to get a better response after traumatic events in work. Jemma, you are a fantastic registrar! You will make an excellent Consultant colleague, and whichever hospital you choose to work in will be very lucky. Well done!

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