Eating Disorder Team

Torbay & South Devon NHS Foundation Trust

Nominated for Team of the Year 2021

This team, made up of Consultants (Phil and Indra), a specialist nurse (Fabulous Faye) and the dietician team deserve a huge amount of recognition for both what they have done pre-COVID and continue to do now.

In the pre-COVID era, this team was formed to tackle growing problems with Eating Disorders. Working alongside CAMHS and the TASME service they have created robust pathways for struggling children and young people, worked incredibly hard to keep care out of secondary care, and in the community and created a fantastic MDT inpatient service that consistently brings young people back from the brink of severe illness so that they can continue with effective therapy.

As the rest of us have emerged from the covid 19 pandemic, this team has seen their own pandemic growing and threatening to overwhelm services. They have handled the huge increase in referrals amazingly, and worked so hard to maintain a team and service that continues to look after the young people who have been hit hardest by the unrecognised impact of lockdowns and school disruption.
They are truly heroic in their efforts, and absolutely deserve recognition for this.
Well done team. Keep it up.

The Paediatric Eating Disorder team has delivered an exceptional level of care to its patients during a challenging time with increased demand for all services across mental health. The team has worked in a multitude of innovative ways in multidisciplinary team working with CAMHS in being able to plan a safe service for inpatients as well as outpatients. Whilst a lot of work is still ongoing, this has been done at a time inface of high staff sickness,,changing morale with service damnds.

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