Mairi Vella

Nominated for Paediatric Senior Doctor Hero Award 2021

Mairi works so hard as specialist registrar for oncology families her knowledge is extensive and she works under huge pressure remaining calm at all times and professional. She is also a great teacher to junior staff and nursing staff. The families love her as do the ward staff and she always put everyone at ease and is so approachable. She goes above and beyond for everyone and I think this would be a lovely way to let her know really how special she is and a huge asset to our team.
Mairi is the key to our oncology team. She works above and beyond her role and is always a step ahead. She works efficiently and in the busiest of times is still a great teacher for junior medical staff and nursing staff. She has a great repoire with the families she cares for and has the utmost respect from the entire team. Mairi is very knowledgeable and always professional but in an approachable way. She’s a great team member and I think she needs to know how much she is valued by us all. We would be lost with out her.
There is only one Mairi to keep things together for all the oncology patients in RCHT.
Mairi is a knowledgeable, caring, professional and enthusiastic doctor.

Mairi is always there for her patients and for her colleagues.
She is always willing to teach drs and nurses.
She is someone that everyone: Drs, nurses, patients and their parents unify on appreciating and respecting her.

Mairi is a doctor who goes to work everyday with the patients being the centre of her work as it was the centre of why she chose to be a doctor.
Mairi is our amazing specialist registrar for paediatric oncology at RCHT. Her knowledge and skills in this area are consistently fabulous, and she is always keen to share these with the rest of the paediatric doctors and nurses to help us give the best possible care to our patients that we can. She is always there to answer questions and help the team and our patients and their families with compassion and her reassuring presence. I am so proud to be able to work with her and feel like any concerns or questions I have will always be addressed and actioned. She truly is an asset to our paediatric oncology team.

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