Nominated for Team of The Year Award

Team from University Hospitals Plymouth NHS Trust

“Wildgoose is a very strong team. As a team we have had to deal with some challenging patients both unwell/bereavements and difficult CAMHS patients and the support that we provide each other is amazing. Having only been on the ward for a year I have been made to feel as part of the team so quickly and from the band 7 all the way through to the domestics, they all make Wildgoose a lovely place to work.

In all honesty there never seems to be time when this team have “”an easy time of it”” and this year has been no exception. In true Wildgoose form this team has yet again pulled together, held each other up, cried together, mourned together and most Importantly made sure life on the ward for the patients carried on as if nothing was wrong. They supported families desperately worried about Covid and affects on their children whilst carrying their own fears and worries. Through all the ups and downs this wonderful team has advocated for the best possible care for their patients. The support this team provides to each other is what wins through everything, without this support of each other this year could be ending very differently.

Wildgoose has had another tough year and as always they have proved what an amazing team they are. They’re inspiring and are always looking out for each other during these tough times. Without the team on wildgoose nobody would make it through the times when it’s just too much. Team wildgoose rocks!!

Wildgoose team have done fantastically this year. Every member of staff have had an exceptionally hard year with the patients that they have had, and coping with the pandemic on top. They all work together to give the best care for their patients and to provide a positive work environment. Every member of the Wildgoose team strives to have great communication with the other MDT that cross the ward so that the patient care is clear and concise.

As a team this year, we have worked to the best we can to look after young people with complex and challenging physical and emotional conditions. We have worked through the loss of loved patients, and through a time when our ward manager wasn’t able to work alongside us. It has been very tough at times, but we have helped out and supported each other through these times. We have made time for our colleagues – to allow people to talk, to cry, to reflect on a situation; even to give a hug whether socially distanced or not, we have checked on each other outside of work too. We work well with other members of the multidisciplinary team. We look after our patients to do the best of our ability. It is a great team to be a part of.

Wildgoose’s team work is amazing. They have had a tough year and pulled through together with exceptional teamworking and supporting each other. They have a good connection with the oncology team and wider MDT, and meet all the standards so that everyone receives excellent care that comes onto the ward. Their communication is great. They all work well together and try to have a laugh despite the tough times. Each set back and difficult time wildgoose come back stronger, and always find ways to improve their care.

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