Alicia Regan

Nominated for Paediatric Senior Doctor Hero Award 2021

Alicia is a phenomenal trainee.

When starting her rotation at Royal Cornwall Hospital it was evident that Alicia operates at a very high standard.

She is resilient, embracing the highs and lows of the job but always bouncing back hungry for more for the benefit of the patients.
Alicia is incredibly easy to work alongside. She is very well liked by all members of the Multi Disciplinary Team which is clearly evident from both talking to people and from multi source feedback.

She is always at the heart of the team. She is dynamic in working alongside peers but will step up when required to lead.
Alicia delivers exceptional teaching and is always eager to do so. She is comfortable parting her expansive knowledge on fellow trainees, medical students, nursing staff and senior members. It is always warmly received given everybody’s high opinion of her.
She is keen that people develop and learn hence she has been involved in organising peninsula training.

It is evident that she is kind and caring to patients. Verbal feedback from patients has always been excellent which I have personally received. An example was for a safeguarding case in which the parent felt listened to and appreciated.
Alicia is willing to get stuck into clinical governance with the primary drive of enhancing patient care.

In summary, Alicia is a star trainee and will ultimately make a superb consultant in the future.

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