Child Development Centre Appointments team

University Hospitals Plymouth NHS Trust

Nominated for Team of the Year 2021

This year has been a challenge for staff across health services, with clinicians working in new and novel ways/places. The lynchpin to this, particularly for us within the Child Development Centre, has been our appointments team. With always a smile, they have provided unwavering support to the team in scheduling, re-scheduling and planning for appointments. Alongside this, they are often the first voice that a young person or their parent/carer hears when the contact the Child Development Centre. It is outstanding to hear their ongoing professionalism in their conversations with families, seeking to ensure they can provide the best possible outcome for them. Any requests which we make of them (which have certainly increased in frequency) are dealt with promptly, with timely contact to led us know of any actions taken. It is fair to say that, without our wonderful and dynamic appointments team, we would not be able to provide the care we do to young people and families.

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