Fistral, CLIC and Harlyn wards

Royal Cornwall Hospitals NHS Trust

Nominated for Team of the Year 2021

This team has faced immense pressure this past year with increasing mental health patients and oncology case load in particular. Their sheer determination and respect for each other has really kept them going. They are a very supportive team, I have witnessed it from all levels always checking in with each other to make sure everyone is doing OK. They strive to deliver the highest standards of care and remain professional at all times. The regular families that attend the ward have commented about the great atmosphere that is shown on the ward and I think this is reflected from the hardworking nature of the individuals that make up the team.

This whole team has great respect and support for each other. In recent challenging times I believe it’s their sheer commitment and dedication to deliver high standards of care that has shone through. Every member working well as a team under immense pressure getting eachother through. Accepting also wider members of the MDT play a vital role in this support. Senior members of staff supporting and teaching junior members and vice versa all learning as they go to deliver professional and compassionate care. Well done team

“”My team are my inspiration! This year has been tough with most of us being moved around to help with pressures in other areas, some difficult cases, and of course covid overshadowing everything. Throughout it all I know that my team has my back and will always work together to pull each other through it and provide the best care we can for our patients. They have been the most amazing, supportive, and welcoming team I could hope for!

The combination of day surgery, adolescent unit with a lot of patients with mental health difficulties and eating disorders, and paediatric oncology shared care requires a flexible team with lots of different skills and working together as well as with the many multidisciplinary teams included in our patients’ care. While everyone has their different interests they are always happy to share their knowledge with each other and with their patients and the families and to learn from each other about other areas of care.

Such an amazing and caring team to work with. The team are so experienced and work so well together without adequate coordination or support. This is usually under very high pressure, hitting the floor running, missing breaks, having lunch after 4 o’clock and leaving late from shifts with no time given back. The team is often also used by other wards as bank, even when they are struggling themselves and can’t get safe break cover. The team regularly have to take their unpaid breaks on the ward as no cover is given for breaks. They have found the last few months really hard, morale is really low and they don’t feel supported or appreciated for their extremely hard work, patience, kindness and dedication. This award would help to ensure that all staff feel that their awesomeness (often above and beyond the call of duty), is adequately recognised.

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