Ruth Cundy Prowse

Nominated for Allied Health Professional of the Year Award

Physiotherapist at Royal Cornwall Hospitals NHS Trust

Ruth is our ward paeds physio and a vital part of out team. When she attends the ward she goes above and beyond her work as a physio and helps out on the ward. In recent busy times this has been much appreciated with added pressures. She has a fantastic way of empowering children who are somewhat fearful of moving after a major operation and giving them confidence to be able to succeed and make progress. She’s a highly regarded professional in every aspect if her work and a valued member of our team.

Ruth is our ward physio. She is a valuable member of our team. In recent times when the ward has been under increasing pressure she has gone beyond her role of physio and has helped us out on the ward by doing extra tasks, she could recognise that this would be a massive help to our team. I have seen her give such confidence to the most fearful patients and empower them to achieve their goals big and small. I have also witnessed her exemplary teaching to her junior members of her team. She is a great role model for every part of our team. she needs to recognise her value to the colleagues and families she cares for.

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