Katie Pearson

Nominated for Paediatric Senior Doctor Hero Award 2021

Katie is a wonderful registrar on all levels.
She has a calm kind manner but is able to lead the team prioritise patients needs and support her junior doctors and nursing team even when faced with extremely complex patients and increased patient acuity / dependency. She is proactive , and makes sound / skilled judgements and delegates medical care working with the rest of the MDT.
She has had some extraordinarily busy shifts in the last couple of months with extremely complex cases / children who have rapidly deteriorated and has shone with her leadership , kindness and professional knowledge and attitude.
Katie has innate ability to get on parents and children’s levels and explain things in a way that’s appropriate to their needs and understanding. Her patience knows no bounds and this for me is what shines through.
She embodies our trust values as a practitioner and leads by example often head and shoulders above others. She does all of the above with a smile on her face and even when faced with consistently stressful , demanding shifts she doesn’t falter .
She has been a great support to the nursing team also in a time of great change and pressure and takes the time to recognise and check in with the team and also feedback and thank the team for their hard work. She is the kind of registrar we all breathe a sigh of relief when she is on as we know we are in safe hands and more importantly our patients are.

Fabulous team leader during emergencies. Always implements collaborative working and listens to nursing team . Great interpersonal skills and lovely manner with patients and families.
Katie has had some really stressful shifts but remains positive and supportive to the team.

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