Jess Pales

Nominated for Paediatric Senior Doctor Hero Award 2021

Jess has thrown herself into the deep end of Mental Health leadership during a pandemic. this is no mean feat given the surge of referrals for eating disorders in the last 12 months. She has embraced new ways of working, striving to achieve the best outcomes possible for a group of patients who are often highly distressed and at times resistant to care. She has helped steer a ship through choppy and uncertain waters, and has kept the best interests of her patients front and centre.

Jess has continued to build relationships with my CAMHS team, and has been available, approachable and helpful throughout. She deserves specific acknowledgement for her passion and enthusiasm in such a challenging clinical field.
It is a pleasure to work alongside her in a psychiatry liaison capacity
Jess is one of the best Doctors I’ve ever worked with, not only is she an excellent clinician and teacher but she always has a professional and kind manner no matter how busy or under pressure the acute service is. Jess treats all her colleagues with respect and courtesy and is an absolute pleasure to work with.
Works above and beyond to provide the best care to patients but also support nursing staff! Very approachable, easy to have conversation with. Makes difficult days a lot easier – calming presence! Always a joy to be around.

Immense work and dedication in her work with young people with eating disorders as well as her contribution to PAU and helping the assessment unit run smoothly.
Jess is a fantastic leader and teacher. She cares deeply about her patients and goes above and beyond for them. She is calm in an emergency and is always happy to help out. I happily work Thursday PAU evenings knowing Jess will be on!

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