Harriet Mitchell-Riall

Nominated for Paediatric Senior Doctor Hero Award 2021

Fantastic trainee, with a head firmly screwed onto her shoulders. Eminently sensible. Fantastically dry sense of humour. Superb clinical acumen.
Harriet works brilliantly with her colleagues and junior team. She is supportive of the nursing staff and collaborates with them to deliver consistent high quality care for her patients.
She takes on complex cases and visibly reflects on their outcomes and how she can develop and improve her practice from
What she has experienced and learnt.
Harriet has been a great advocate for her colleagues, including leading the most recent Middlegrade induction, which received fantastic feedback for her sensitivity and willingness to support her new colleagues.
All in all, a pleasure to work with. Diligent and effective. Knocks the job out of the park, but also does this whilst juggling small children at home. Marvellous.

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