Casey Delahaye

Nominated for Nursing Role Model Award 2021

Works at Northern Devon Healthcare NHS Trust



Casey is a valued member of our team at NDDH , it’s been a pleasure to watch this amazing nurse progress from a quite junior member of our team into a confident, competent and skilled nurse . Casey always ensures that she gives 100% to her patients , she has a soft , warm approach and has a calming influences on other members of the team.
Having completed the HDU course Casey embraced the challenges that working in the HDU brings , she was able to demonstrate a good sound understanding of the conditions and and care required for sick patients and is now a brilliant member of our HDU team, she is always willing to expand on her knowledge and inputs ideas on how the ward can run more smoothly, it’s been an absolute pleasure to watch her grow into an amazing nurse and I’m excited to see what the future holds.

Casey is a brilliant role model. Casey is a fun, caring and fantastic nurse. Casey develops a brilliant relationship with all families and children she meets. Casey is a great advocate for the children and families. Casey has worked hard at developing her PHDU skills and becoming a role model for the junior members of the team. Casey is a highly respected member of the team and truly valued.

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