CAU and CHDU – Plymouth

Nominated for Team of The Year Award

Team from University Hospitals Plymouth NHS Trust

“CAU have faced many challenges this year, with the constantly changing protocols and procedures for COVID19 and having to shift from AMBER/GREEN/RED areas, back to the ‘new normal’. They all rose to the challenge well, and were constantly adapting the environment and their services to ensure that the patients and their families were getting the best experience possible. Their family and friends feedback has been especially high this year, and they should be proud for not only the amount of feedback they have collated on a regular basis, but also to the positive feedback that it gave. As a team they are constantly advocating for their patients, and have created many quality improvements through 2020 and the enthusiasm is infectious and will hopefully aid recruitment and retention.

CAU has had to adjust a lot over the last few month due to COVID-19 and its constant changes. They now house all three areas Green, Amber and Red, as a team they have dealt well with this. They demonstrate exceptional team working and deliver incredible care to every patient that come through the doors.

This team has faced some difficult times with changing staff members and busy shifts. Never the less, they continuously pull together to support each other, ensuring gold standard care for their patients. They are an extremely knowledgable and highly skilled team, and often educate and support other nurses and members of the medical team when required. As a team they communicate well with many other specialities and always ensure everything runs as smoothly as possible. They understand the difficulties faced by a family who’s child is requiring high dependency care and will go above and beyond to accommodate their needs.

Derriford CAU team continue to work hard and provide excellent care for children referred acutely to the paediatric service. Despite some challenges over the past few months they have continued to adapt quickly to the ever changing environment caused by the COVID pandemic. The nursing and medical teams have good communication. The best team!!!

I love working as a nurse on CAU which is jointly linked to CHDU the staff are supportive and respectful of each other and always happy to support each other where possible in busy periods. The team are professional and are exceptional showing great teamwork.

The children’s assessment unit as like all areas have experienced uncertain times this year however, the exceptional team work they display have reduced these worries. All CAU’s members of staff work effectively and efficiently together to ensure they deliver outstanding family centred care which improves patients experience. The morale of the team is always high even when someone is feeling low, the ability the team have to make some smile and laugh again is like no other. CAU is a family not just work colleagues. They look out for one another and strive to be the best of what they do. As the assessment unit come into contact with multiple agencies it is important that the team have a good relationship and communicate effectively with these teams which CAU certainly does. CAU embraces sharing of knowledge and teaching by warmly welcoming both nursing students and students of other professions such as medical students or PA students.

When the going gets tough this team gets better!!! This year has been one of the biggest challenges CAU have faced, but they have tackled it head on! The team has pulled together as they always do, boosting and supporting each other. It has been challenging with ever changing covid guidance and working as an amber/red zone the CAU team have put on their super hero scrubs and jumped right into the challenges with their ongoing dedication and professionalism.

The CAU team not only support the nursing students but welcome with open arms the new trainees and medical students ensuring they are part of this amazing team! The CAU nurses are skilful, knowledgeable and with their experience you can be assured that when the mayhem hits the team pull together and battle on providing the best care for their patients and their families with smiles on their faces. I am proud and privileged to be a part of this amazing team

These 2 wards work as 1 team, if one is struggling the other will happily jump into help. The are always welcoming to patients and their families even when they are working under incredible pressures. This I believe makes the best team”

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