Emma Perryman

Nominated for Nursing Role Model of the Year Award

Works at Torbay & South Devon

Emma has had a huge impact in her role as Mental Health Lead Nurse and the palpable culture change visible on the wards is largely down to her persistent efforts. It is visible in the language staff use about CYP with eating disorders, mental health problems and psychological and emotional disturbance; the renewed sensitivity and empathy with which they approach these cases and the buzz about mental health that is appreciable on the wards in a way it never has been before.
She has introduced new safety plans and tools to assess and help young people work with nursing staff to reduce risk and anticipate problems.
Emma is currently trust-wide lead for the roll out of We Can Talk, a co-produced resource to help equip our healthcare staff with better tools to work with and talk to young people in both physical and mental distress.
Emma has worked closely with senior management, nursing and medical colleagues to bring about these changes, and continues to work incredibly hard, despite having no dedicated time for the role. Fantastic work. Keep it up.

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