Melodie Ashman

Nominated for Nursing Role Model of the Year Award

Works at Royal Devon & Exeter Hospital

Outstanding member of our nursing team, Mel not only shows care and compassion for her patients and their families but is always willing to go above and beyond for her colleagues.

She has works effortlessly and been fundamental in supporting staff with my care and will answer any questions usually in her own time and always with enthusiasm.

She is a highly skilled, knowledgeable nurse and it is a pleasure to have in any situation, she is calm in a crisis and can make even the most horrendous shift feel better.

An asset to our team, a pleasure to know and work with.

Dedication to helping nursing staff and wider team with Epic, encouraging everyone to get on board with jobs on Epic that make things easier for yourself and others, taking time out of shifts to educate and train people, and being a great colleague to work with!
Melodie enjoys teaching, it is very clear that she gets a buzz from this and it’s so lovely to be taught by her. She’s always very willing to educate and help with any task at hand. No job is too much for her. She embodies the NMC of Practising Effectively by sharing her skills, knowledge and experience for the benefit of those receiving care and our colleagues.

Melodie – Bramble’s very own MyCare queen – and boy is she “epic” at it =]
In all seriousness, Mel is utterly amazing at teaching, she is so patient and calm. Always has time for MyCare questions alongside her nursing role and she is dedicated to giving patients and families the best care. This is shown through her MyCare role, her teaching and assisting in organising MyCare for the paediatric teams and patients. It’s a complex system but Mel ensures more direct patient care by teaching – I mean, the tips sheets alone are a god send.

As well as this Mel is a highly experienced nurse. She is dedicated to ensuring patient safety and care. But also, for her peers. She has a natural ability to teach and gives learning oppunituies, even at 3am on a busy nightshift, there is no time like the present to learn around Mel. She strives for the best on Bramble, and it shows. Mel is a great support for all colleagues, from students to consultants, she builds friendships and relationships with such ease. Mel has been the nurse in charge on many of my shifts and they always seem to be busy shifts. She always manages to stay focused, is approachable and supports all staff. Mel is also a great advocate for patients, watching her with recent mental health patients has really highlighted just how on top of patient advocacy she is.

Not only this, but Mel is also such a kind-hearted colleague, she always ensures everyone around her is okay. Her bubbly personality really lifts the atmosphere.

Melodie is extremely hard working and sets a great example to junior members of staff. She has taken opportunities to expand upon her skills and support staff with the implementation of MyCare in the trust. Melodie always offers advice and is calm and patient in all ward environments. Melodie is very knowledgeable and responsible which allows her to safely look after children in the high dependency unit and take on a leadership role when in charge of the ward. Melodie builds good rapports with students and colleagues and goes above and beyond to teach others new skills.

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