Sophie Lake

Nominated for Nursing Role Model of the Year Award

Works at Royal Devon & Exeter Hospital

Sophie is just the most fantastic nurse. She made a huge difference to PAU on my night shifts. She is proactive. She gets the patient’s management and investigations going quickly e.g. swabs, ametop, urine sample, fluid challenges. She phones and chases things up, she contacts ED, she knows exactly what is going on with all the patients. She regularly checks in clinically with the Doctors, reminding us of things, giving great ideas. She is confident and helps us handle difficult situations with ED. She has fantastic clinical acumen, I can trust her judgement. She has sought out a venepuncture course and makes a point of practicing and improving. Above and beyond brilliant nursing skills, she is kind and patient. With me and the patients. She’s taught me loads about how PAU works and how kids can present. Everyone (staff and and parents) have tea, coffee and a kind word. She thrives in stressful situations. There could have been some disastrous nights in PAU if ‘The Pillar’ that is Sophie wasn’t there to hold us all together. I am grateful and feel quite inspired to be able to work with and learn from her. Cheers Sophie!

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