Chloe Kenneally

Nominated for Nursing Role Model of the Year Award

Works at Royal Devon & Exeter Hospital

Chloe has had a real whirlwind of a year. She is incredibly motivated and has recently been appointed to a band 6 role on the neonatal unit. She is a fantastic nurse and is taking on more roles to support the team around her. She actively looks for courses to develop knowledge and reflects on her own abilities and management after difficult shifts. She is brilliant with families and has a really calm manner when dealing with difficult encounters. She is fun to have around and is the social secretary for NNU, helping to organise nights out, dragon boat race and the Christmas event. She is seen as a trusted ear and leads the team in a calm and efficient manner when she is nurse in charge, making sure that all of her team are ok throughout.

Chloe is an excellent nurse & embodies all of what it means to be a professional team player.
She is calm, confident & clinically skilled balanced with kindness & compassion. A rare combination. Chloe is also very humble and doesn’t realise just how good she is.
Winner here or not, Chloe is a winner…..

Chloe is a wonderful nurse to work with. She is so supportive of new doctors who have started working on the unit and will always offer her support attending deliveries or offering her knowledge. She is a great team player and is highly organised.

Chloe is an excellent nurse role model. She is dedicated to improve the care of children and families through her enthusiasm for her role and her interest in research projects that aim to move the care of neonates forward. She has gained promotion quickly due to her dedication and superb team working skills. Chloe inspires others with her dedication to neonatal nursing care and enthusiasm in supporting her colleagues. Chloe is a pleasure to work with and is able to stay calm in the most difficult of circumstances. Chloe is always bright, cheerful and approachable. She always does her very best to support her colleagues in delivering exceptional nursing care to babies and their families. Thank you and we’ll done Chloe.

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