Francesca Aplin

Nominated for Nursing Role Model of the Year Award

Works at Royal Devon & Exeter Hospital

Cheska is a supportive and excellent sister on Bramble ward. She is dedicated to ensuring patient and staff, safety and well-being. Cheska has lots of nursing skills and not only manages the ward, but also works within the oncology team day-case and the ward, bringing her skills to teaching others. Cheska is supportive of her support group of nurses/HCAs and ensures she “checks” in regularly. The past year has been tough on Bramble with a rise in mental health patients, Cheska is always aware of the struggles and ensure an open-door to debriefing and making sure everyone is doing alright. Cheska’s calming, soft nature ensures that the ward, no matter how hectic, always has a sense of control and organisation when she in charge. Cheska always faces challenges head on and in a determined way, to always advocate for patients and staff in the best way. Cheska is always approachable, and values everyone she works with and this a real good quality to have. This approachability ensure a good working relationship with doctors, MDTs and families.

Cheska has become a exceptional addition to the leadership team. She always works with professionalism, knowledge, support and effectiveness. She leads from the top- she is a team player, always there to help and support. Looks to always further her knowledge and skills in nursing critically ill children and their families. She is inclusive of everyone and looks to always help others throughout all teams.

Francesca is a much valued and respected member of our Bramble family. She inspires her team and is a fantastic role-model to her colleagues. She mucks in, fully supports staff and ensures the shift runs smoothly. A kind, caring and compassionate nurse.

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