Dana Jackson

Nominated for Nursing Role Model of the Year Award

Works at Royal Devon & Exeter Hospital

Dana is an absolute powerhouse of a specialist nurse. Dana works within the eating disorder team for Bramble and is well known for championing her patients and ensuring that their needs are met. Dana is a strong advocate, going above and beyond to communicate the needs and complexities of her patients to the wider team as well as to outside agencies where necessary. Dana always strives to ensure that the young people that she works with, as well as their families, are listened to, heard and understood.

Dana strives to remain up to date on contemporary issues and knowledge in the care of young people with eating disorders and additional mental health needs and is always keen to share what she has learned with the team. Dana provides training to ward staff, students and new starters about this patient group and follows this up on the ward. Dana has put several initiatives in place to improve the care pathways for this patient group including the provision of emotional safety plans and the teaching of emotional regulation techniques to ensure that young people with admitted to the ward with mental health difficulties are supported in the best way for that individual. Subsequently, staff on the ward are better equipped to manage and support these young people.

Dana is able to put care plans in place for young people admitted to the ward and works closely with the wider MDT to strive to provide seamless care. Dana often seeks out conversation and communicate on challenging topics relevant to the ward. She is a fantastic mentor and supportive colleague.

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