Charlie Hiscock

Nominated for Nursing Role Model of the Year Award

Works at Royal Devon & Exeter Hospital

Charlie is a wonderful nurse, and when she takes charge you know you will be supported and will keep checking in on you. In emergency situations her ability to stay calm and support you mean that a highly stressful situation runs smoothly and calmly. Charlie is a team player and supports staff and medical teams to the best of her ability. She is always there to support junior members of staff, and will ensure they feel supported.

When Charlie is working, you know there will be laughter!

Charlie, the support you give on the ward is amazing. You always have a helpful hand and guide everyone around you. Your knowledge base is outstanding, and you always have time to teach that knowledge to others. Nightshifts are a strange shift to work, its all or nothing, yet you handle every shift with such ease, and some of them are testing as I’ve been there with you. Whenever you are the nurse in charge, you do it so effortlessly, ensuring patient safety and care, making sure everyone takes rest breaks and is able to fulfil their role to the highest standards. I’ve seen first-hand the complex situations you’ve dealt with and how you’ve handled communications with MDTs and advocated for patients, it’s a real challenge, especially on nightshifts, but you always blow it out the park.

You have such a calming nature about you and a kind-hearted approach to almost every situation. You are an inspiration.

Charlotte supports staff extremely well on shifts. Whether she is the nurse in charge or not she makes sure staff are managing their workload and sets a great example to colleagues. She is very knowledgeable and has a vast range of clinical skills inspiring others in the team to take up new opportunities. Charlotte is very empathetic and compassionate which allows her to build great rapports with children and their families. Charlotte ensures the best interests of the child are central to the care provided and she escalates concerns in a timely manner. Charlotte works very well in a multidisciplinary team as she showcases great communication skills which allows professionals to work well together.

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