Sarah Hainsworth

Nominated for Nursing Role Model of the Year Award

Works at Royal Devon & Exeter Hospital

Sarah is an asset towards the bramble team she has inspired me within her work and has shown the best care possible towards her patients and families. She is an amazing educator and teaches in ways that are easier for the learners. she supports the wider MDT team to allow the best care for patient and families that come into her care. Sarah is able to show autonomy and raise concerns when assessing patients who are deteriorating, she is able to confidently make clinical decisions within patients care.

Sarah is always a joy to work with bringing a positive attitude to every shift even when the ward is under immense pressure. With her experience in HDU showing, Sarah is calm under pressure and work passionately to provide the best care she can.

Sarah is a joy to work with. She is efficient and proactive in an emergency situation and a real team-worker. She is so kind and engaging with children, particularly those with complex neurodisability; taking the time to really connect with them and make them feel at ease even on a busy shift. A real inspiration to us all.

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