Elaine Fuge-Wood

Nominated for Nursing Role Model of the Year Award

Works at University Hospitals Plymouth

Elaine has taken on a new role this year, as a part time clinical educator for Critical Care, whilst maintaining her role in the High Dependency Unit. She has taken to this split role so well, and is constantly thinking of new innovative ways to teach our teams. She is a great role model for our juniors as they can see different career progression pathways and how well she is doing this. She is very keen to improve her own knowledge by attending courses/workshops and then imparting this knowledge on the team on her return. She teaches in a lovely manner, not condescending at all, and she is approachable always, meaning people speak up when they need to. She supports the senior management around her very well in doing both of these roles. She is a delight to work with and its always a joy to see her on shift.

Elaine has recently been promoted into not 1 but 2 posts. She is now a sister in CHDU and the Paediatric Critical Educator. To take on one position comes with its challenges and expectations but to successfully take on Two, and be proficient at both, just demonstrates how amazing Elaine is.
Elaine has embraced the role of CHDU Sister and uses her clinical skills and knowledge to ensure every patient receives the best care possible. She’s empathic and caring and always finds times to support her nursing and medical colleagues. Elaine has effortlessly combined her education role into her daily work and has enthusiastically addressed the training needs for critical care. Teaching and educating all
Members of the MDT, sharing any new skills or knowledge that she has acquired by advancing her own professional development. Elaine identifies areas for improvement or that require education and she sets herself the challenge of addressing it. Elaine is well respected and is constantly striving to ensure all nursing and medical staff are the most skilled that they can be when it comes to Paediatric HDU.

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