Isabel Andrews

Nominated for Nursing Role Model of the Year Award

Works at Royal Devon & Exeter Hospital

Isabel is a fab senior nurse. All the doctors love working with her and rightly so. When she’s nurse in charge she makes a point to be present for handover, always has a great grasp on the state of the ward and is an invaluable ally and source of advice and support for the registrar overnight. When she’s working on the ward or HDU her knowledge and experience shines through in the exceptional care she provides for her patients. I’ve seen the support she offers her fellow nurses, she clearly cares for their wellbeing and is well liked. She’s everything a paediatric nurse should be. Thanks Izzie!

Izzy is such an inspirational sister, on Bramble ward. She always goes above and beyond for patients and for her colleagues. No matter how busy it gets, or time restrictive certain things are, Izzy always makes time to ensure patient safety, staff well-being and gives her all to teaching. She really is an amazing nurse. Izzy has such a calming nature about her, with great organisational skills and able to take control of any situations with such ease, and over the past year has really helped on some difficult shifts. Having a sister that is easily approachable really helps, she is a great role model for other members of staff and a fantastic advocate for patients. Izzy manages to see finer details in situations, with an open door and happy smiling face, this makes for a great leader. Nothing ever seems like too much trouble for her, staff, patients and families all love her, and she always strives for the best.

This small group of fairly new to the role Sisters stand out. They not only show excellent leadership when coordinating they regularly go above and beyond by taking a work load. This not only helps to lessen the work burden on colleagues it can only help to improve the care for patients and their families. The do this consistently shift after shift, so thank you, it makes a massive difference in these trying times.

Issy has become a stable leader within Bramble Ward in her new role as a Band 6. She is keen and eager to learn. Has excellent communication skills and works effectively and efficiently within the team. She is kind, caring and very competent within the nursing team. Issy strives to do the best job and be a active advocate to staff, patients and their families. She is a very supportive, calm and a very professional colleague and I congratulate her in her role.

Izzy is a wonderful nursing role model, wo inspires her staff by demonstrating excellent clinical skills and management skills. When she is co-ordinating you know you will be supported, have someone who knows what’s going on and treats you fairly.

She will act as an advocate for her nursing staff and her patients. If anyone is ensure of anything, she will take the time and have patience to go through it and ensure it is evidence based. She not only supports nursing staff, but others in the MDT including doctors and HCA’s.

Izzy is a brilliant nurse and takes care of patients and families to the highest standard of care, and ensure others around her do the same.

Izzy is a fantastic leader and nurse and I am always happy to know that she is in charge, and aspire to be like her.

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