Faye Drinkwater

Nominated for Nursing Role Model of the Year Award

Works at Torbay & South Devon

Faye is our lead eating disorder specialist nurse and is exceptional in her role. She single handedly coordinates our eating disorder service, responding to patients and families concerns constantly with a smile and positive attitude. She is a fantastic support to staff on the ward providing 2 monthly supervision and weekly ward rounds. She has recently set up a parent group for patients on the waiting list and is constantly thinking of innovative ways to improve our service. She is always teaching others on mandatory training days, junior doctor teaching and ad-hoc teaching on the ward. We don’t know what we would do without you Faye! Thank you!

Faye is extremely passionate about her role as the advanced practitioner for eating disorders. So always puts her patients first but is also so happy to educate nurses. Going above and beyond with training days trying to enhance the knowledge of staff to benefit patients.

Faye is our eating disorder nurse specialist, but also so much more.
She is a relentless and passionate patient advocate, working phenomenally hard for the young people and families in her care, both on the wards and in the community.
She sets the bar for nursing care of these patients, but is also instrumental in educating and guiding the junior (and senior) doctors in assessment and management.
Faye has been a key driver in culture change on the ward with respect to these patients, she has worked hard to develop and improve both our in and outpatient facing services.
Faye has also taken an active role in linking up with other ED specialist teams around the UK to learn from them, and also spread the good work she is leading locally.
The eating disorder service and the entirety of the department would be at a loss without her. She is sensational. Keep up the good work, the passion and the drive. You are fab.

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