Ola (Aleksandra) Boronczyk

Nominated for Nursing Role Model of the Year Award

Works at Royal Devon & Exeter Hospital

I have worked a number of shifts recently where Ola has had to step up and become Nurse in charge. During these shifts her calm approach to everything to that can happen during the shifts has been outstanding. She is absolutely dedicated to the job and making sure babies and their families receive a high standard of care. With her new role as Clinical Educator I have seen her develop into the role and show what an excellent educator she is.

No words can describe the mammoth work Ola has done since she moved to UK from overseas and joined Exeter NNU. She always strive to be perfectly efficient at work and provide the best quality care as possible Now she has been promoted to be Exeter NNU clinical educator and her qualities makes her a perfect one.
She sets high standards of professionalism and is encouraging all nurses working in Exeter NNU to achieve this .
She offers immense amount of support to everyone and is leading by her own example
Ola is a lovely person liked and respected by our team ,excellent leader and super nurse.

Ola is a star! Extremely knowledgable, she guides all new nurses and prepares them for work in the Unit. She excels both in her clinical role and new role as a educator.

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