Lilly Zhan

Nominated for Non Clinical Staff of the Year Award

Works at Royal Devon & Exeter Hospital

Lilly is very much an unsung hero on Bramble. She works quietly and tirelessly on the ward and shines brightly amongst her counterparts, never looking for praise. Lilly not only completes her job role description exceptionally, she also goes above and beyond for patients and their families. Lilly is also a great support for staff on the ward which is noticeable on a busy ward.

Lily always goes above and beyond her job role as a member of the catering staff. Each day we are all greeted with a smile and she asks us how we all are, is aware of the patients we have on the ward and puts aside meals for our long term patients if she knows they have a favourite dish or a specific dietary requirement, is caring and SO kind to patients and their families when it is time for the tea trolley to come around and goes the extra mile to make sure their needs are met. We love Lily on Bramble and feel that she is an asset to the ward and deserves more than a thank you!

Lily – What a woman. Lily comes in and does an amazing job at serving food, cleaning up the kitchen (which gets really messy on a busy ward), among many other jobs within bramble and making such a difference with her presence on the ward. Regular patient and family visitors of the ward all know Lily and ask for her often. She greats everyone with a smile and chats to anyone to make them feel welcomed. She has such an impact on patient care, nothing is too much trouble for her, and she just goes about her work so effortlessly. Everyone misses her when she is re-deployed to another ward and seeing her return really lifts everyone spirits as she cares so much. Lily always makes the effort to ensure everyone knows when the lunch/dinner trolley is there, she ensures that patients who have an eating disorder get the correct meals and diabetics are allowed their food to be kept warm whilst medications are sorted out. Lily also makes the effort to ensure she knows who can be offered food and who can’t for medical reasons. Lily is a great advocate for patients and families and has great communication with the ward staff. Thank you, Lily, for always doing an amazing job.

Lily is such a wonderful asset to our team, she is so lovely and kind and does small things that make the world of difference. She will keep the lids from the food for patients we are carb counting for, and knows to keep their food warm while we sort out the insulin. For the eating disorder patients, she will remember what they like and will put it to one side for us if they are not yet at the trolley. When staff are collecting food for patients with eating disorders, she ensures that portions remain consistent and will remember what they need for their meals….which seems like a small thing but can help keep patient’s calm and in turn improves success at them completing a meal. She interacts so well with families and patients, and they all comment on how good she is and she always takes the time to talk to patients and their families. She is a wonderful member of our team and without her nothing runs as smoothly, she always makes sure patients have eaten and parents have had teas and coffees and keeps the kitchen clean and tidy and I don’t think she realises how appreciated she is. She always does such a wonderful job! We love you Lily!

Lily is a crucial part the Bramble team , who goes above and beyond every shift ,
she is amazing with everyone who enters the ward weather CYP , parent , staff
Lily is always willing to help in anyway possible , She knows the patients likes and dislikes
Lily keeps the ward running by ensuring were topped up and clean

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