Jane Ostermeyer

Nominated for Non Clinical Staff of the Year Award

Works at Torbay & South Devon

What an amazing domestic Jane is! Jane works on our SSPAU and embodies all things great about the nhs. Every morning she welcomes her colleagues to the unit with a smile and her music. Her attention to the cleanliness of every nook and cranny every single day is inspiring. Jane will always notice when her colleagues need a bit of a lift, if you’re rushing in to the unit looking a bit flustered she will be the first to stop what’s she’s doing and take the time to check in, the first person to ask you what you need, a cup of tea, a song request, anything to make you feel cared for. After cleaning SSPAU to perfection it’s on to the families, lunches, teas, a chat, whatever they need Jane will provide. Every single shift I look over and appreciate how lucky we are to have such a dedicated, caring, kind person to take care and pride of our special assessment unit.

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