Rory Conn

Nominated for Multidisciplinary Hero Award

Works as a Consultant Psychiatrist at Devon Partnership Trust (Exeter)

Rory is always approachable and helpful with patients on the ward. He goes above and beyond to see and manage difficult cases, and is always willing to teach and discuss patients.

Rory is quite simply brilliant- he is so approachable and personable and yet always able to remain professional. He is remarkably skilled at his job and the level of dedication and compassion he shows to all the children, young people and families in his care is truly inspirational. Despite his senior position, he is able to listen to the suggestions of all the professionals around him, no matter what their discipline or grade. This is such an important quality when working with all children and young people and especially those in mental health crisis. Rory is such a great asset to the teams he works with and I am so grateful he continues to work as part of the Bramble ward team

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