Rosie Secker

Nominated for Junior Nurse of the Year Award

Works at Torbay & South Devon

Since joining our ED team, Rosie has shown herself as an exceptional advocate for children and families in their care, always putting the child first. She treats everyone with dignity and respect and always works to give safe and effective care. She has had to deal with extraordinarily tough situations, but always puts the child first. She has fantastic communication skills and cares with intelligence, insight and understanding, taking account of each childs individual needs.

Rosie is an incredible junior nurse. She is confident, reliable and dedicated. It is evident in Rosie’s practice that she always puts the child’s needs first and will fiercely advocate for all of the children in her care. Rosie has an incredible bedside manner, putting families at ease and ensuring they feel empowered to make decisions.
Rosie embraces every opportunity to learn. She has knowledge beyond her years of qualification and is able to reflect on her practice to ensure further improvement (she is already fantastic!).
Rosie can manage a very heavy workload effectively and efficiently. She is an exceptional team player and demonstrates incredible management skills in her practice. Rosie is extremely hard working and resilient, I love working alongside her as I know she always practices to the highest standard. Rosie really is amazing!

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