India Owens

Nominated for Junior Nurse of the Year Award

Works at University Hospitals Plymouth

As a new preceptee on Wildgoose, India is showing great promise and has settled in really well to the ward. She is always willing to get stuck in with new opportunities and does so with such enthusiasm and care. Working on Wildgoose as a newly qualified nurse can be daunting, particularly with the challenges the ward currently faces but India is dealing with this with courage, compassion and skill. She has a fantastic demeanour with patients and families alike and she is proving herself to be a great asset to the team! It is so lovely to see her confidence and skills grow.

India has arrived on wildgoose at a very challenging time but never lets this put her off. Each shift she arrives with a smile on her face ready to tackle the shift ahead.

India is keen to get stuck in and continue to develop her knowledge as she develops into an outstanding NQN.

It is always a privilege to work with India. I have complete confidence in her and often have to remind myself she is newly qualified and not to overload her with patient’s (because she is so competent!!).

Shifts with India are always ones guaranteed to have a few laughs no matter what is going on. She has a natural ability to lift the mood of a room.

Thank you India, keep being the amazing human and nurse you are!

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