Wildgoose Ward

University Hospitals Plymouth NHS Trust

Nominated for Team of the Year 2021

Wildgoose like every team has had its challenges this last year, however as always they pull together as an amazingly supportive team. Staff frequently check in with each other to ensure things are ok, especially when they know a member of the team is struggling. As a team they are super strong at doing their own mini debriefs when there have been issues or incidents on the ward. This team faces not just medical challenges but also many Mental Health challenges and behavioural problems, together the team face these problems head on and strive to advocate for the patients and families to improve the level of their care. The team have been working closely with Camhs and safeguarding to try and improve the processes for our mental health patients and with the eating disorder team to try and improve the systems in place and to advocate for the needs of the patients and their families.

Like every team on level 12 Wildgoose staff have moved frequently around level 12 and to ED and NICU to support and help during times need and staff shortages.
This team is forever learning and developing with the large range of patients they see, with the constraints of COVID this has been no different and they have adapted and changed their practice accordingly to deliver the best care to their patients.

this team comprises of wide age range of staff, but they compliment each other . they are incredibly supportive of each other and share laughs and tears in equal measure. When times are stressful , they are always around to listen ,support or find ways to ease situation.
their sense of humour and compassion make this a team to be proud of Wildgoose pull together as team and advocate for the needs of their patients to improve their care. As a team they work closely with the other teams across level 12, the oncology team, CAMHS, eating disorder team, safeguarding, children’s theatres and paeds ED.
From these team networks they have worked hard to develop the use of the mental health pathway booklets ensuring there is a joint team approach that helps protect the young person in their care. They have also stood firm in ensuring that the Eating disorder pathway is followed by all members of the MDT to try and give consistent care.
Together this team always stands strong, care and empathy goes a long way in this team who really look out for each other
Then wildgoose team is supportive and caring, not only of their patients but of each other. It is an exceptional team, that has and Will offer support to any other area that needs it. The patients receive fantastic care from enthusiastic, knowledgeable and kind nurses.
The Wildgoose Nursing Team are awesome and definitely deserve to be named as the team of the year.
2020 was a challenging year for everyone but 2021 has brought its own special challenges to this team.

Wildgoose has seen a huge rise in numbers of young people being admitted with mental health conditions and this has an impact on the mental health of the team if they don’t look after each other. Their strength is in their teamwork. This is a team who genuinely care for each other on a day to day basis. When dealing with violent or aggressive patients working cohesively is paramount and the team allocate tasks fairly and where appropriate work in a rotation in order to minimise risk to each other and to the patient due to fatigue (physical or mental). The increase in mental health patients overall has been tricky but a particular challenge has been the number of young people with eating disorders being admitted, a record of 7 at one point! This puts a very specific strain on the team as facilitating meal supervision for multiple patients while maintaining a safe clinical environment can be difficult, it is essential to plan together to ensure supervision does not compromise care of other patients. None of this can be achieved without exceptional teamwork.

A positive change this year has been the COT team having office space allocated on the ward. This has improved the working relationship between the teams which has in turn made the service better for our young people. They are able to discuss concerns, priorities and ensure our patients get the best possible service. Use of technology has also helped to improve work with other agencies, enabling MDT discussions to happen more quickly which improves planning for the discharge of complex patients.
Some of these young people have very complicated lives and the staff on Wildgoose always try to ensure the voice of the child is heard in every situation. This can be difficult when everyone else feels something is right but it is clear the young person is not comfortable with the plan. This advocacy is vital to support patients to feel safe and supported while in their care.
Every child matters and every member of the team on Wildgoose works together to ensure the young people in their care feel safe, cared for and valued. Things don’t always go perfectly but the team look after each other both physically and mentally. The team have cried together, laughed together, sometimes felt like screaming together but they always work hard together to ensure they offer exceptional care together.
The Wildgoose team is awesome! Together!

As a junior nurse, I have naturally struggled with my confidence and joining the Wildgoose team was daunting. I have been so welcomed, included and supported by the entire team. There have been some extremely challenging and tough experiences that I have had the confidence to deal with as well as been totally supported by the other team members on shift. I love working with them all, especially as so many of them are such fab cake bakers!

The team in Wildgoose continue to work together and support each other in this challenging time with increasing demand of mental health in young people during this COVID pandemic.
Despite facing daily challenges of looking after young people with significant complex mental health issues and extremely challenging behaviour, they work extremely hard and tirelessly to provide excellent and safe care towards their patients to the best of their ability.
They consistently demonstrate compassion, resilience, professionalism and dedication towards providing holistic care to young people and their families who come through the door and even go extra miles to support those who are most vulnerable ( both physical and mental health).

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