Looked after Children Admin Team (Nicola Fox and Louise Creber) – Torbay

Nominated for Team of The Year Award

Team from Torbay & South Devon NHS Foundation Trust

“”” would like to nominate our incredibly hard working and outstanding admin team who support our work with Looked After Children. Both Louise and Nicola will always go above and beyond what would be expected to support the doctors to provide the best possible medical advice to children’s services in a timely manner. They have an in depth knowledge of the complexities of this work, they have a great working relationship with many teams across the spectrum of health and social care and this means we can try and offer the best possible service to these children. Perhaps most importantly this is always done with a positive attitude and a smile. Their attention to detail and understanding of the complexities of confidentiality and consent are exemplary and I could not ask for a more dedicated team of professionals to work with. During the COVID pandemic they have been really flexible and adapted quickly and positively to the rapidly changing technology /demands and have supported us with changes to practice helping with sharing the workload. They will always try to deal with queries as far as they possibly can within a safe boundary which allows the medical staff to concentrate on the important clinical issues.

Without their support this stressful job would be unmanageable and as they do not get to meet the children and young people in my opinion they rarely get the praise that they deserve. This is why I would like to nominate them for this award to give them the recognition for their hard work, dedication and professionalism which supports the health and well being of some of the most vulnerable children in our population.

Administrative staff for Looked after Children in Torbay and Devon. Superb organisational skills which go well above normal expected standard. Nicola is happy to engage foster carers on the phone to explain the nature of their foster child’s appointment and to arrange as convenient time as possible for teenagers etc. Clinical information is always collated in a way to ensure that the clinician has access to all relevant information including immunisation print out / GP information all of which contribute to an informed and streamlined appointment for the Looked After Child. As a team they are able to co-ordinate the needs of several teams including Social services, health and Adopt South West to ensure timely provision of reports and as good a service as possible for the young children involved. Many thanks to Nicola and Louise.”

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