Sandra Cobb

Nominated for Nursing Lifetime Achievement

Works at Royal Cornwall Hospitals NHS Trust

“Sandra heart and soul goes into everything she does on the ward. Not only is she a fantastic advocate for her patients and families but such an incredible role model for the nursing team. She is a great leader, who gets the best out of the staff but is always approachable and ready to help. Her skills and knowledge are excellent, and she is always pushing the team to learn new skills and find new confidence. When I am on shift with her, I know I will be supported and encouraged from beginning to end.

Sandra has years of experience which have proved invaluable to the patients she cares for and to all staff she works around. She does a great deal to improve the working environment, completing audits and improving the way we work. Most of all she is a joy to be around as she is kind, funny and supportive always. I enjoy working alongside her and look up to her greatly.”

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