Annabel Baines

Nominated for Paediatric Senior Doctor Hero Award 2021

Very supportive to junior staff and creates a lovely working environment. Leads on teaching matters and a clinically excellent doctor!
What can I say…….Annabel is an absolute pleasure to work with. She is always smiling and is a much valued team member, lifting spirits each shift. Annabel treats everybody she works with with kindness and compassion, much like her approach to patient care. She has excellent bedside manner, and parents always feel well informed after seeing her. Annabel is an active member of the team, and pushes for quality improvements in every area. She strives to make the department a better place, for both the patients/families and the staff. She really is a great role model for junior doctors choosing paediatrics.
Annabel demonstrates good knowledge in the information and treatment that she gives to patients. She is friendly and approachable to colleagues around her. She is a great member of the team, and is thorough in her work. She helps people to feel at ease around her, and on observing her on shifts is a good teacher to the junior doctors too.

Annabelle is a great registrar. She cares so much about her patients and their parents but also her colleagues. Always ensuring the team morale is high and spreading laughter and fun.
Annabel is an absolute pleasure to work with! She is hard working, knowledgable and approaches everything in a calm and logical manner. Annabel is always looking for ways to improve the services we provide and is a driving force in many quality improvement projects. She manages a team really well and treats every member as her equal. Annabel has excellent communications skills with all members of the team as well as the children and their families. She always ensures the families in her care are up to date and understand everything that is going on, even if that means staying late sometimes. She is clearly passionate about her work. Thank you for everything you do!

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