Child Health Team

Torbay & South Devon NHS Foundation Trust

Nominated for Team of the Year 2021

This has been an exceptionally difficult time for all of the NHS, but I believe that his team have gone above and beyond and have demonstrated what true internal teamworking really means. Staff of all different grades have continually stepped out of their comfort zone and stepped up to assist their colleagues in all the different departments of Child Health to ensure that patient flow continued in a professional and timely manner despite the difficult times.

For periods of time key leadership roles were unfilled for a variety of reasons and ALL staff strived to ‘raise their game’ to ensure a holistic family centred approach continued to be at the core of what we do and services were impacted as little as possible. We faced challenges that could have not been foreseen and found new ways of working and ensuring effective communication with the multi-disciplinary team and the wider community that have supported children, young people and their families in the last year. Treating and supporting children, young people and their families is what we do, and the whole team never lost sight of this despite some of the unheard-of, rare and unusual circumstances we found ourselves in as individuals in our home lives, and collectively as a skilled, efficient and experienced team.

Despite these demanding times the team never lost sight of their duty of care, advocacy, accountability and responsibility they have and continue to have to Children, Young people and their families in South Devon.

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