Cystic Fibrosis Team

Royal Cornwall Hospitals NHS Trust

Nominated for Team of the Year 2021

The cystic fibrosis team at the Royal Cornwall hospital are the epitome of an excellent multidiscplinary team.

They are driven by patient care at the forefront of their practice and patient wellbeing is at the centre of everything that is done. Each individual goes above and beyond expectations to deliver quality care to a phenomenally high standard. This relies on integration within the team working alongside each other whilst regularly keeping in close communication. Everybody is approachable and happy to both give and take advice. Each member of the team plays to their strengths which are mutually appreciated.

Examples of excellent work together include introduction of CFTR modulators through standalone extra clinics where patients meet with the medical team, specialist nurses and pharmacists to deliver the exciting novel therapy to eligible children. Our physiotherapists do regular visits for home IV therapy and communicate with the rest of the team on patient progress. Delivering parent evenings updating families on CF care for new therapies and progress of local care.

They work closely with the equivalent team at Derriford for the peer supported network.
Our physiotherapists and dietician also manage the adult CF patients. As a result we integrate exceptionally well with the adult team and transition of patients is much smoother than other centres.

There are regular meetings centred around clinics, annual reviews and business meetings to improve the service. Everybody is heard, listened to and valued so that the service evolves.

I am extremely proud of being a part of this amazing team!

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