Community Children’s Nursing Team – North Devon

Nominated for Team of The Year Award

Team from Northern Devon Healthcare NHS Trust

“the team has come together through this difficult time to try to enhance the care that is given to children and their families in the community. Both Children and parents are worried and concerned at this time and many need the extra support. This is done through face-to-face visits, virtually or by text/email. Whatever fits in with the family and their concerns. We facilitate early discharge from hospital and try to keep them out of hospital where possible by liaising with hospital staff and GP’s. If hospital visit is warranted, we can facilitate this as well. It has been a difficult year with members of our small team (8 members, including 2 neonatal outreach nurses), needing to shield due to family members, increasing the workload, but we have managed this with grace and professionalism. Smiling and happy throughout, boosting the morale of all members of the team.

This is a team of exceptional clinical and non clinical staff. The team are dedicated in ensuring that the Responsibilities of safeguarding all children are met. Everyone on the whole team show high levels of commitment, professionalism and passion in what they do and have achieved incredible changes in safeguarding which would inspire other safeguarding teams around the country. “

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