Róisín Mckeon-Carter

Nominated for Nursing Lifetime Achievement Awardd 2021

Works at University Hospitals Plymouth NHS Trust


“Róisín is a nurse consultant here at UHP, having started her journey here as a neonatal nurse more than 25 years ago and has during this period been instrumental in not only the development of neonatal services locally but nationally too.

The main drive for Róisín is ensuring our neonates and their families get the best possible care, keeping them at the centre of service delivery. Róisín was intrinsic in the development of the Transitional Care Services, which not only keeps Mum with their babies but also helps avoids unnecessary admissions to the neonatal unit thus reducing avoidable separation. This service here at UHP is seen as an exemplar model and has been the source of many from visits from colleagues across the UK and from New Zealand.

As an ANNP Róisín leads with excellence, compassion and commitment and this extends to the MDT being a mentor and coach to many colleagues and learners. Róisín is extremely skilled in the care and management of babies requiring intensive care to the neonate getting ready to go home, empowering parents throughout their NICU and TCW journey .

FiCare is a massive ethos within the neonatal unit and Róisín was fortunate enough to be awarded a travel scholar with colleague Jo Bennett to travel to Estonia and Canada to research further the impact this model has on the development of babies whilst maximising the role of the parent in their babies care. This model has been successfully imbedded here at UHP as a result of their passion.

Other significant events that require acknowledgement:
1. NLS provider both locally and internationally, supporting developments of oversea neonatal colleagues
2. Hugely contributory to the NIPE programme, ensuring midwives are skilled in the examination of the newborn infant.
3. A Florence Nightingale Senior Leadership Scholar – first within UHP
4. Proactive member of the Neonatal Nursing Association and as their current chair has been instrumental in the development of their first ever scholarship programme.
5. Proactively involved in the Maternity Neonatal Collaborative, contributing to cross service line developments to improve outcomes for this patient groups
6. First Non-Medical SLCD for NICU services here at UHP completing a 2 x 3 year term appointment.
7. Nursing advocate for research, one of the first nurses to present at the Reason Conference – previously being open to the medical fraternity. Now Róisín is a regular supporter of this conference and chairs the nursing part of the programme.
8. Instrumental in bringing the MSc ANNP/ENNP pathway to Plymouth in partnership with the University of Plymouth.
8. A mentor and coach to so many members of the neonatal team as a nurse, ANNP, friend and colleague supporting the development of individuals with real care and compassion. “

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