Paediatric Emergency Department

University Hospitals Plymouth NHS Trust

Nominated for Team of the Year 2021

This team is amazing! Every single member of this team strives to provide excellent patient care in what it sometimes a difficult environment to do so. Everyone who works within this team looks out for one another and I think this is such a good quality to have. We all work so hard on a daily basis and I am so proud to work within this team.

The last year has been without a doubt the most clinically and emotionally challenging time any of our team have faced so far in our careers. Despite this, we continued to grow, develop and provide the best care we could to our patients and colleagues.

I have never worked within a team that loved each other, their roles and their patients so much and it makes me so incredibly proud to be part of that. Every single nurse with our team continuously advocates for our patients and their families, absolutely no matter what challenges they face in doing this.

Everything about our workplace and roles change and develop regularly (most shifts) but we overcome this and continue to accept these changes to ensure our patients are receiving the best possible care, something that definitely stands out as a huge strength of our team.

I couldn’t admire this team and their ED family ethos anymore. They couldn’t be any more deserving of recognition for their hard work and resilience.
I cannot put fully into words how amazing this team is. With exceptional team ethic and support, even on the most stressful of days, they always fully support one another. The team works to constantly strive to be the best and teaches those that are newer along the way to continually strengthen themselves. What this team is able to achieve always astounds me and there is always someone there to provide support either emotionally or professionally when required. They have so many challenges they face on a day to day basis but you are always greeted with a smile.

Well what can I say¦.. what a team! This team is kind caring and really do look after each other! They have been faced with so many challenges with the massively increased number of attendances. They really have pulled together through some hard shifts and got out the other side with a smile. It’s definitely physically challenging but also emotionally challenging – especially over the last few months. Everyone has worked hard and although it’s not always said it’s definitely recognised between staff. Everyone supports each other and takes the time to talk about things when needed. The team is funny, they have great energy and know how to let their hair down and have a good time. Patients always receive good care from the doctors and nurses and everyone all works together as equals! Let’s all keep up the amazing work, deliver good safe care and keep those doors open to all those poorly patients who need us!

Never have I met a team with a greater desire to put the needs and safety of children of whom come through the emergency department more. Your ability to pull together as a team during what has been a challenging year for all has shone through and even on the busiest of days you continue to ensure patient safety to the best of your ability while ensuring that both children and there families are cared for in the most positive and efficient way possible. Thank you for all that you do in ensuring that our children are assisted on the road to recovery.
This team is constantly changing and developing and yet it always steps up and deals with whatever is thrown at it, whether that be colossal volume of patients, changes in departmental layout, different systems of working or just the challenges of keeping the system flowing. Each and every staff member puts the patient and family at the centre of their actions even if that causes issues to be resolved elsewhere in the hospital. In a year when limiting the number of people in an area has been the norm, the ED is never closed and takes the patients that can go nowhere else. This team exemplify that the care of that child is paramount and that is why I nominate them as the greatest team of the year.
The Paediatric Emergency Department is an exceptional team, they work so hard to keep a safe, caring and comfortable environment for all patients and their families. They support the adult side when they have the abilities to do so. They work really hard to keep the department a float when it can feel very overwhelming due to limited Dr’s, Nursing staff and rarely a HCA on shift. The team are very supportive of each other and they always try and boost morale of all colleagues who enter the department. the feedback from students in the last 12 months has been a really good boost and a lot of the team love teaching and learning opportunities.
This year has been one of the most challenging years the Paediatric Emergency team have faced. Each and every member of the team has worked tirelessly through the pandemic to advocate for patients and families and ensure that they are provided with the best care possible.

Together as a team we grow stronger every day and no matter what life throws at us, we always come out better than ever. I couldn’t ask for a better work family.
Excellent team who are friendly and welcoming. Willing to guide and support other team members.
The paediatric Emergency department deserve this award. This year has thrown nothing but challenges and obstacles their way and they still strive to provide the best care possible to their patients. They work together to consistently advocate for children and families and always support each other as a team. This is the best place to work and I would not have wanted to start my nursing journey any where else.
I am proud to be part of this team as we work well together to provide the children and their families with high quality care even in challenging situations.
You guys are brilliant. Calm under pressure, you always manage to weather whatever the day throws at you… and still be positive at the end of the day! Keep up the amazing work on the front line!
“”What a team! Well the last 3 years have been amazing , what a turnaround for the department . Increasing staffing to support the number of attendances which has been a challenge in team development . A new footprint with a bigger future footprint to come. Attendance of patients have seen a 200% increase since Jan 2021 but the team have faced the challenge and remained strong to support the patients and the acuity demand . Skills have need to be developed to provide a majors, minors , resus areas for children . I’m truly proud to be part of this team and am looking forward to progressing as a team to the future.

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