Louisa Carey Ward – Torbay

Nominated for Team of The Year Award

Team from Torbay & South Devon NHS Foundation Trust

“Couldn’t work with a better team, all pulled together through covid 19 to staff HDU, Paeds assessment and Red ED. A lot of very difficult shifts but we all got each other through it!

This team is so supportive to all working there! It has been a funny year with lots of uncertainties but this team has ridden through difficulties with ease.

Louisa Cary ward will always have a special place in my heart. It is the most fantastic team, full of friendly smiling faces, where both the nursing, medical and non-clinical staff respect and help each other.

It has been a tough year for all in paediatrics, but for us we had the added issue of having to move wards at very short notice to make way for an extra 20 bedded ICU. Our staff were split shift by shift to work in different areas. We have all been nervous and anxious about what’s happening but every single person stepped up and cared for the children and families in such a way as to support them through their heightened anxieties. Staff did extra shifts and without working as the most amazing team that Louisa Cary is, we would have struggled psychologically to get through.

As the 2020 COVID Pandemic hit the NHS trusts across the nation including the South West trusts here at Torbay Hospital the paediatric ward was moved to another ward as our ward was needed for a ICU overflow. With only days notice the ward was moved which was hard in itself. We were then divided into a clean area and a potentially COVID positive paediatric area very near sick positive adult patients. The paediatric nursing staff and paediatric doctors who were able to work in this area were sent to a make shift area. Limited use of equipment, lack of scrubs to change into, daily policy and procedure changes of COVID regulations. As I team I feel that the team raised to the challenge and dealt at everything that was thrown at us. We all had our anxious times during our time in red but manged to always have a smile due to the great team work.

Works in perfect synchrony”

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