Lucy Williams

Nominated for The Debbie Eadie Award for Advance Nurse Practice Award 2021

Works at Royal Cornwall Hospitals NHS Trust

Lucy is well known by everyone on the team as a “”legend”” simply because she is.
Lucy has it all; enthusiasm, energy, patience, approachability, respect, professionalism and knowledge.
She is the missing link that every paediatric team needs as she is close to nurses and doctors on equal terms.
I can hardly think about something that she should improve about her work.

She is a joy to work with and everyone feels safer when she is on the ward.
Lucy is a fantastic asset to our Cornish paediatric team. Since starting with us last year, she has really made a difference to the department and succeeds in bridging the gap between the medical and nursing teams. She is clinically excellent, having an incredible breadth of experience & knowledge on which to base sensible and efficient management plans, and her bedside manner with our patients serves as a perfect example to more junior members of the team. She will always listen to and act on any concerns escalated to her. Having an APNP like Lucy has provided familiarity for our patients and has made a hugely positive change to the patient flow through our admissions unit.

Lucy is not only enthusiastic and diligent in her own practice, but she has sought to improve the rest of the team too. This year she has succeeded in helping to establish the APNP training pathway within paediatrics, providing an alternative path for career progression where it was previously limited, thus helping to retain our brilliant nursing team. Lucy has also been key in setting up study days for the nurses and involved regularly with teaching the junior doctors, making sure relevant learning is disseminated appropriately. Additionally, she has been busy implementing new sepsis documentation and creating new Trust guidelines.

Lucy is always on hand to provide advice and guidance, whether it be about our patients or personal development. It’s clear she is keen to really transform paeds and she is a joy to work with!

Lucy is an outstanding Advanced Nurse Practitioner and the changes she has brought to our Paediatric Observation Unit have really made a massive impact on both the running of the unit and our patients. She has recently also taken the opportunity to work within the community with minor injury units and GP aiding them to develop they knowledge and skills in managing paediatric patients to ensure that patients are accessing the appropriate and correct care pathways for they needs.
Her experience that she has brought to the ward alongside policy and care pathway changes have had dramatic changes on patient turnaround and management. Empowering nurses with responsibilities like nurse led discharges and giving us opportunities to develop clinical skills like cannulation and forward thinking on patient cares within the units so that we can initiate investigations and cares again to reduce patient waiting times .

Her excellent communication within the paediatric department enables us to all know what is happening and outstanding tasks so that we always on the same page as to speak. When we have patient’s needing different specialty involvement she is able to bring us all together for a smooth experience for the patient. Lucy has a really lovely bedside manner with patients and families engaging well with them so that they fully understand everything around they cares and treatment and diagnosis. She has a way of empowering families and giving them confidence in decision making in regards to they admission.

Lucy has a real open and honest approach with colleagues. She is so supportive with aiding colleagues of all professions to develop themselves, they practice and knowledge to achieve gold standard care. She values every member of the multi disciplinary team and is not afraid to get stuck in and help outside of her role . Its clear to see her passion for patient centered care and ensuring we utilize our observational unit to best of our ability

A fantastic addition to our observation unit. Very knowledgeable, efficient, diligent. Can work smoothly with all grades of Dr and nurse. Hugely into quality improvement. We are lucky to have her.
Lucy is such an amazing advanced nurse practitioner on Polkerris/Paed obs unit. Lucy is very thorough in her work and her skills are excellent. She is kind and caring to patients and families, and very approachable if you have any questions or nursing concerns. Lucy will also help out within the nursing team within her role if it is busy on Paed Obs and doesn’t ever make a fuss if she has to. She is a real asset to the team.

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