Ashootosh Gupte

Nominated for Paediatric Senior Doctor Hero Award 2021

Ash is a fantastic Paedaitric Reg. The thing that makes Ash absolutely fantastic is how approachable and knowledgable he is. Every situation I have worked with Ash in, from the saddest case imaginable to run of the mill general paediatric attendances in the Emergency Department, he has been dependable, honest and professional. Ash seems quiet as a person but his skills with children, getting them to play and open up is fantastic. Thank you Ash for being such a fantastic example during your time with us!
“Ash is one of our fantastic BAPIO doctors in Torbay. He is an absolute gentleman and works phenomenally hard for the children, young people and families that he interacts with, as well as carrying most of the inevitable locums on our Tier 2 rota.
He has extremely sound clinical knowledge and skills from his decade of paediatric and neonatal experience, which he applies carefully and compassionately. He has breathtaking skills at cannulation, often rescuing us in difficult access situations. He applies all of these skills in a nuanced and thoughtful way, that shows his sensitivity to the cultural differences between UK and where he trained.
He works brilliantly within our clinical team, leading when necessary, but often found doing the hard graft to support his more junior colleagues, helping out the struggling Emergency Department or troubleshooting on the Ward or SCBU. He is enormously respected and trusted by the whole team from nurses to all the way to Consultants, and we always know we can rely on him in a crisis, whether it is a clinical emergency or a staffing issue. He does this all with quiet humility and often a smile or a joke.
He has suffered some disappointments with his MRCPCH Clinical exam, but has persevered and worked hard despite this, and I have no doubt he will be successful in both this, and his desire to join the Paediatric Training scheme.
We are absolutely devastated to be losing him, but know that he will bring the same gentle dedication and powerful work ethic to his next team in Birmingham. Good luck, Ash, we will miss you!

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