Paediatric Respiratory & Allergy Nurses – Exeter

Nominated for Team of The Year Award

Team from Royal Devon & Exeter NHS Foundation Trust

“This team deserve recognition for their continuing hard work and their positive team working.

They are a small team but they display excellent team working especially between the both of them. They support each other in all aspects of their working life and also provide support to other members of the ward nursing staff, the specialist teams they work within and the medical team.

They show their flexibility in their role by ensuring that they can provide a highly specialised service to both of these specialisms and under any circumstance they put their patients care first. Their support also runs in to the community teams and primary care.

They both work equally displaying leadership within their team and service. They will also ensure that the needs of their service and patient care is paramount.

They provide specialised care to their patients and working in partnership with the families provide the most appropriate safe care for them.

They are both highly respected by the teams they work in and both show a high respect for each other and this shows in their work.”

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