Becky Martyn

Nominated for The Debbie Eadie Award for Advance Nurse Practice Award 2021

Works at University Hospitals Plymouth NHS Trust

Becky continues to be a huge role model for nurses aspiring to progress to ANP. Her passion and love for her job, team and patients is obvious every single day and she genuinely inspires me to continuously enhance my practice so I can become even half the nurse she is. Not only does she provide incredible care in practice, but also cares so much about the well-being of her colleagues. Not only can you go to her for expert clinical advice for patients, but also support in looking after yourself. The ED feels SAFE and moral is high when she is on shift. Thankyou for everything you do for Paeds ED Becky.

Becky, where do I start! You are an incredible member of the team not only for paediatrics but the whole of the emergency department. You love encouraging learning and ensuring the paediatric team is support by all ACP’s training and qualified. You show great pride in your knowledge and work and this shines through. Thank you for being such an asset to our team!

Becky is an amazing kind hearted person who always ensures paediatric patients are cared for to the best possible standards. Becky has taught me a great deal about emergency nursing care and always strives to improve staffing education and knowledge. She is a key member of the paediatric nursing team and deserve to be recognised for a consistent caring nature.

Becky Is Absolutly amazing! She manages an area of patients efficiently and proactively! Becky has a strong voice for the care of children and their families. We wish Becky was full time in the Paeds area of Ed but she is equally as passionate about the care of adults! What an ACP- she has educated other ACP helping them feel confident in the care of children again progressing the service for children and families.

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