Alex Childs

Nominated for Paediatric Senior Doctor Hero Award 2021

Alex bosses the registrar job without really having to think about it which makes for a sublimely smooth shift every time. She manages her team fantastically well, communicates effectively with juniors and nursing staff and copes well with stressful situations.
What really sets Alex apart is her passionate advocacy for some of the more challenging children & young people, particularly those with primarily psychosocial issues. She dedicates time to get to know them thoroughly, develop trust and represents and broadcasts their needs when they are so often neglected or deprioritised.
She has the hallmarks of an excellent senior trainee, in that, conversations about patient care are much more an exchange of ideas between colleagues than directions from a senior to a junior. She role models all of these skills beautifully for her colleagues, but does it all with humility and humour.
In her spare time she somehow manages to find time to parent two children and smash out the odd Masters degree. Legendary. Thanks for being a great colleague and raising the bar for all of us.

Alex is approachable, confident, decisive, compassionate and caring. She is able to absorb herself in the real life of the children, young people and families we meet. Understanding their concerns, worries and anxieties without losing focus, treating them individually rather than a symptom or collection of symptoms. She is always happy to share her skills and knowledge and challenges us all to do more.

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